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John Brack made his first valuable stage experience at the age of 14. His musical education started with the flute, led from clarinet to guitar and ended in the foundation of a band called "Knights Of Blues". However, as it turned out he was the only one who could really sing and that is how the singer John Brack was born. At that time his musical direction centered on Blues, Rock'n'Roll, Dixieland, and Boogie Woogie and it took a while until he discovered his true passion Country music. Since those early days, John Brack has in many respects become the leading figure of Swiss Country music and the over 350’000 of his latest 22 albums sold are a singular record for the Swiss Countryscene.

John Brack gives well over 100 concerts a year, in Switzerland and abroad. He has appeared, to name but a few, at the Wembley Arena, at the „Fan Fair" in Nashville, in Dublin, Frankfurt, Peterborough/UK, Bad Ischl/Austria, Hamm/FRG, Holland, Silkeborg etc. His close to perfect American English is a great asset at such international events.

One of John Brack's greatest passion, Southern- and Country-Gospel, has become a very important factor in his life. His Gospel career was initiated by the album "Light In The Darkness", a joint-venture product together with Jeff Turner. 63 sold out concerts in churches and halls were the ultimate result and a clear proof of the popularity of this kind of music. And when his friend, world-famous bass baritone Simon Estes, agreed to participate in the project "He Wrote The Book", the logical consequence was to launch a Christmas tour in 96. An enthusiastic audience experienced the combination of two unique voices and a John Brack, who, with his classical training of many years, absolutely stood comparison to the opera world’s superstar Simon Estes. Also performing on the album are the fantastic Cumberland Boys from Nashville, Maja Brunner and the Church Of God in Christ Choir from Nashville.

In the spring of 1996 John Brack was presented with the „Prix Walo" - which has been awarded to a Country act for the very first time - as best and most popular Swiss Country artist of the year. A true highlight and a well-deserved honour considering his outstanding achievements in Country Music.

Another milestone in John Bracks extraordinary career was the release of „Dialing On That Telephone", which he recorded together with his friend of many years Bjoro Haland, Norway’s absolute superstar when it comes to Country music. „Dialing On That Telephone" is an impressive demonstration of the versatility of today’s Country music with a touch of rock’n’roll, spiced with gospel and blues. Bjoro Haland’s soft baritone together with John Bracks soultouched country voice result in a very special combination.

Another of John Brack's work is entitled "Together Again", once again a joint-venture album together with Jeff Turner and special guest Bonnie Jeanne Taylor. With the support of his longtime Nashville crew John has succeeded in producing once more a truly wonderful and modern Country Christmas album. The tour with the album was such a big success that John & Jeff decided to celebrate their 10th anniversary with another tour. As a little gift to commemorate the event, each ticket buyer got a copy of John & Jeffs first Christmas CD "A Time For Feelings" . John and Jeff were also the first Swiss artist to receive a Platinum Award for over 50000 units sold in Switzerland. For the tour they invited Rebecca Holden who presented her new gospel CD "Freedom To Believe" to the Swiss audience. The album was also produced by John Brack

As a new venture John performed his first Easter Gospel Tour together with the famous Southern Gospel Group "The Cumberland Boys" from Nashville. Their two CDs released in Switzerland also carry the touch of John's hand. "Gospel should not only be sung around Christmas time", John said, when he was asked the reason to perform Gospel around Easter, "Gospel should be heard throughout the year". The tour became a great success.

For the Christmas program 1999 he produced a CD entiteled "Gospel Christmas / My Gospel Album" and invited 12 Gospelchoirs to join him on the CD and on the tour. Together with his special guests Cindy Walker and Curtis Young, who's new CD "Christmas Acoustic" by the way was produced by John's wife Barbara Brack-Enzler, they all carried a little light into the darkness of wintertime.

In the year 2000 John Brack celebrated 20 years in Country- and Gospelmusic. The big party took place at the Albisgüetli in Zurich, during the longest running Country Festival of the world. Two supernights with a lot of special guests showed clearly, that, after all these years, John Brack is still going strong as we witnessed again on the fabulous Easter Gospel Tour with Cindy Walker and Bill Britt, who's first solo CD "I'm satisfied" John also produced. Also the latest effort by Switzerland's oldest country singer Jan Hiermeyer, "Dreams ... sometimes come true" carries the touch of John's hand. He also performed on this years prestigious Festival in Mirande, France (click on Fotos).

The Christmas Tour 2000 with The Cumberland Boys was a wonderful experience, not only for the audience but for the artists too. Sold out concerts, overwhelming reviews, standing ovations were the well deserved ending of the jubilee. Naturally he produced another album for this tour, the first collaboration on CD "John Brack with The Cumberland Boys".

The year 2001 started as the year before had ended, with a tour, the so called "Thank You Club Tour". Between january and march John performs some intimate concerts, mostly Dinner concerts, where the audience is so close to the artist, they can even smell each other, so to say. Naturally he also did the traditional Easter concerts with his regular partner Bill Britt ( Right after the tour in may he traveled to Nashville to record the new album for the Christmas Tour 2001. As The Cumberland Boys were such a smash hit with the audience in Switzerland, John hired them again for 2001.To ad a little colour to the music, Susan Orus, ( a very talented young singer performed on the tour also. She was flown to Nashville to sing on the album and the voices of The Cumberland Boys were recorded in Branson, MO.

The Christmas tour 2001 was very successful with The Cumberland Boys and Susan Orus as special guests. John Brack and his guests performed 20 sold out concerts and presented a new CD "Worry No MOre" produced on hte highest musical level. It shows, that the Christmas tours of John Brack belong to the most accepted concert events in Switzerland.

The year 2002 started with another round of "Thank You Club" concerts, followed by the 4th Easter Gospel tour with Bill Britt, USA, a regular with these concerts for years and Mike Douchette, one of the finest harpplayers Nashville has to offer. In the summer of 2002 JB played very successfully on every Arteplage of The Swiss National Exhibition with his style of Gospel and Country. Together with Jeff Turner and Special guest Willy Wainwright JB presented 17 sold out christmas shows and performed on two TV shows for the national TV. As a highlight of the concerts in Wetzikon, JB was presented an invitation to Las Vegas by promoter Urs Schneiter to perform two christmas concerts at the world famous Stardust Hotel & Resort on the 25th and 26 december 2003 as headliner together with Simon Estes. Joining them in the show are John's friends Gino Todesco and Bill Britt and as Icing on the cake John invited Eliana Burki, The World Champion of the Alphorn to perform in Las Vegas.

The year 2003 shows the tendency to more Gospel "Brackstyle". Country seems to be more the fall and winter taste of the audiences nowadays. It used to be different a few years back when country was "The Thing" to be played in summer. The Thank You Tour and Easter Tour of 2003 were again a success and after the tour with Bill Britt and Mike Douchette, JB and Jeff Turner decided to present Mike Douchette to a wider audience on their annual christmas tour. John Brack also released a new album in spring called "Let's Have Church", a CD full of great Gospelmusic.

2004 started fantastic with the Easter Tour, where John with his guests Susan Orus and Bill Britt filled the churches and got the audience going. His long lasting dream, to perform Southern Gospel Music with his own quartet comes true with this year's christmas tour. "John Brack's Wise Men Quartet" feat. John Brack, Lead, Bill Britt, Bariton, Jim Worthing, Tenor and Todd Murray, Bass will enlighten the holidays with great gospelmusic and as an European exclusivity, John has also booked Japan's Gospel Queen, Hanna Bunya, to bring the female touch to the shows. Two new CDs have been produced by John Brack for this christmas tour: the self entiteled "John Brack's Wise Men Quartet" and Hanna Bunya's "Gospel Treasures".

For the Christmas Tour 2005 John Brack produced another great album with John Brack's Wise Men Quartet called "Gospel Reloaded". 13 of the finest Southern Gospel Songs were recorded and as a special Bonus Track they have recorded a wonderful version of Shubert's "Ave Maria" in latin.

1. Mai 2006

Barbara Brack, PPK AG and Showszene Schweiz have the painful duty to let you know that JOHN Brack has died.

Today JOHN BRACK the dedicated country- and gospel-singer passed away at the age of 56.

At the middle of last year he overcame a cancer operation. This allowed him to continue performing especially the Christmas tour with JOHN BRACK's Wise Men Quartet. Since January he suffered of stubborn thrombosis. Nevertheless John could sing most of the Easter gospel concerts himself. This stimulated him tremendously. With much joy and pride he won the Prix Walo in the section Country/Gospel, which he could not accept personally due to pneumonia.

Though receiving the best docotors care, God chose another way.

JOHN BRACK's death is a big loss for the international and Swiss Country Music scene. For more than 30 years John gave the show business important impulses. He entered into many experiments, which he implemented with much success. These adventures also paved the way for other musicians. Especially the promotion of new artists was one of John's passions. During his legendary concerts he often called known and unknown musicians on stage. His performances in the whole of Europe, especially his Christmas- and gospel concerts will be missed by many fans. His passion for music will always live in his music.

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